How I find my inspiration -  colour, form, strenth, individuality, organic or structured... Transforming the creativity I see in the everyday and handcrafting this into a design for you and your daughter, in turn creating those memories where we laugh, love and remember...

We all share the passion to capture a special moment and to build those happy memories that are all so important in our lives. Whether it be for a graduation, a flower girl, 18th, 21st or marriage, they all make up who we become.

Think of a pearl or a gem: the beauty that is captured within – it takes a lifetime to create, to become a lifetime keepsake,  those special times you share with your daughter can be past down along with stories for generations.

I’m always amazed at the talented, inspiring and creative people I meet along the way - some in small businesses and others in large energetic organisations. I want women to know that their piece of jewellery isn’t flooding the local market but is an individual piece and a unique part of them.

I started out by making something I wanted to wear as I was uninspired by mainstream designs, I thought back into my childhood – different countries, cultures, fashions, traditions and what I wanted to pass on to my daughters.

The Designer - Jane Maria Phillips


Jane is the designer, manufacturer and owner and wouldn’t have it any other way. Jane’s passion for silversmithing and gemmology heightens all others. Wearing a custom made design has a completely different feel to any other, the elegance, love and hours of commitment comes through in the beauty and design of her jewellery. At Jane Maria the silver has been hand worked, heated, shaped and formed - life breathed into it. With the addition of a beautiful pearl or gemstone you are expressing your inner self, dreams and aspirations.

“The secret to beauty is simple – be who you are” -- Bobbi brown